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What Are Moleskin Pants?

By: Amber Roberts

Moleskin, not to be confused with the Italian paper and journal manufacturer ‘Moleskine,’ is a durable, densely woven material made of pure cotton. Similar to corduroy and velvet, a high-quality yarn is tightly woven to create the hardy textile. While corduroy is trimmed to create ribs, moleskin is sheared close over the whole of one side for a suede-like feel. The rich nap of the soft-brushed fabric hints at luxury, though the tough material began as rugged working wear.


Fleece vs. Wool: Which offers the Best Protection from the Elements?

By: Jill Jones

As you’re pondering an extra layer in preparation for heading out on your latest cool weather adventure, you may wonder which kind of sweater or sweatshirt you should choose: fleece or wool? Which is going to be most comfortable while providing the best protection from the elements? The answer depends on what the weather’s like and what you’re planning on doing. Is it windy and/or likely to rain or snow? What is you anticipated activity level? For example, are you going shopping, or going on a long hike with the dog? These considerations—as discussed below—will inform your decision: fleece or wool?