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Fish Facts: Siberian Taimen (Hucho taimen)

Written by: Phil Monahan

The largest of all salmonids, these voracious predators are sometimes called “river wolves.”
Photo by Ojensen at English Wikipedia

A true river monster, the taimen (Hucho taimen)—also known as the Siberian taimen—can grow to proportions that seem incredible to your average trout fishermen. Whereas John Gierach once . . .


Photos: First Look at an Epic Eastern Russia Expedition

Written by: Phil Monahan

The chance to catch huge taimen was the reason that the team was willing to endure tough travel conditions.
All photo courtesy Black Fly Eyes

Lithuanian filmmaker Vaidas Uselis and his partner, Nerijus Rupciauskas–collectively known as Black Fly Eyes–just got back from an epic journey to an undisclosed location in Eastern. . .


Photos: An Epic Float Trip for Mongolian Taimen

Written by: Alex Gray

MRO guide Peter Fong and the author show off a fine Mongolian taimen.
Photo by Bob Cosgriff

[Editor’s note: Alex Gray recently enjoyed an excursion down an unnamed Mongolian river with Mongolia River Outfitters–chasing taimen, amur trout, and lenok, with even a few amur pike thrown in–and sent in this trip report. As a conservation-oriented operation, MRO chooses not to name the rivers they fish.]

When I told people where I was headed, the response was either, “Mongolia? Isn’t forty a little young to start working on the bucket list?” or something to the effect that, “Mongolia for. . .