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Photo of the Day: Going Dutch for Big Pike

Written by: Phil Monahan

That’s a gorgeous pike that surely put a good bend in Kelvin Leenheer’s 10-weight.
Photo courtesy Kelvin Leenheer

I got a Facebook message the other day from Dutch angler Kelvin Leenheer. He’s one of the hundreds of Facebook friends I have whom I’ve never actually met, and it’s cool to have killer images like this just appear on my screen out of nowhere. Here’s the message that came with the photo: . . .


Story and Photos: An Epic Trip into the New Zealand Backcountry

Written by: Alastair Peake, Fiordland Lodge

A brown trout of around 8 pounds on a dry fly is well worth a long hike in.
All photos by Alastair Peake

After another three day expedition into the heart of Fiordland backcountry, I feel bruised and battered yet utterly privileged to have experienced such a fly fishing adventure in paradise! The Clinton river drains into Lake Te Anau in a location so remote it’s only accessible by. . .


Photos and a Story: Winter Wonderland in Colorado

Written by: Will Long

Will Long ended his angling year with a 22-inch Colorado brown trout.
All photos courtesy Will Long

[Editor’s Note: Blog reader Will Long sent in this story and accompanying photos about how he ended his angling year in southwestern Colorado.]

So living in South Texas, I don’t often get to experience true winter fishing. We occasionally have some cold days down on my home river, the Guadalupe, but nothing like what the states north of. . .


Photos of the Day: Two Once-in-a-Lifetime Brown Trout in New Zealand

It’s hard to believe that this beast was the smaller of the two to come from the same tailout.
Photo by Dave Jensen

On our second-to-last day of this year’s New Zealand trip, Amelia and I decided to head way south on the South Island. We committed to doing a serious day of driving and bush bashing, and that’s exactly wha. . .


Photos of the Day: Getting Schooled on Louisiana Redfish

Written by: Peter Kutzer

This is one of the best reasons to leave Vermont in the winter.
Photo by Dave Yoder

Let’s face it, guides know more than you about fishing. Get over it. Ego in fishing is something that should be kept in check. This is something that was really driven home on my last trip to. . .


Photo of the Day: British Columbia Steel

Written by: Pierrot Bernier

That is a seriously healthy, wild steelhead from a northern BC river.
Photo courtesy Pierrot Bernier

I recently got my hands on a 9-foot 10-weight Helios 2 and was planning on using it for saltwater on a trip down south this winter. Unfortunately that was still months away, so I brought the rod with me on a. . .


Photo of the Day: Another Kid Gets Hooked

Written by: Kip Veith, Wildwood Float Trips

Ryan is all smiles, as he shows off his first smallie on a popper..
Photo by Kip Veith

Last summer, I had the pleasure of guiding Blake Lacher and his nephew Ryan Moran. These are the trips that I have come to appreciate as a guide. I talk constantly about leaving a legacy to the sport, and Blake is the. . .


Photo of the Day: Home-for-the-Holidays Rainbow

Written by: Phil Monahan

Forrest Dorsey shows off a Christmastime rainbow trout from the South Platte.
Photo by Pat Dorsey

Famed Colorado guide Pat Dorsey sent in this great photo of his son, who caught a sweet rainbow on a size 18 egg pattern. Pat wrote, “It’s great to have my oldest son, Forrest, home for. . .


Photos of the Day: A Portrait of the Angler as a Young Man—2013 Edition

Written by: Phil Monahan

Young Graeme shows off a beautiful, wild Dean River steelhead.
All photos courtesy John Sharp

We’ve posted several times about the travels and skills of young angler Graeme Sharp, who is just 13 years old. We’ve showed him with a lovely steelhead, his first bonefish, a hard-to-handle Exuma bone he caught a year later, and an. . .


Photo of the Day: Polar Vortex Rainbow!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Unseasonably frigid weather doesn’t stop an Arkansas boy who needs the tug.
Photo courtesy Jamie Rouse

Jamie Rouse, of the aptly named Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures sent in this photo of serious serious winter-weather fishing (well, by Arkansas standards, anyway), along with a note: . . .