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Story and Photos: Going to Albie School

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

Albie School student Morgan Shulda (center) shares his albie with Capt. Aron Cascone (left) and Cynthia Harkness.
Photos by Tom Rosenbauer

I’ve had a long history with a fish called the little tunny or false albacore. Younger New England fly fishers are amazed that, when I started fly-fishing in salt water in the late 1970s, we did not . . .


Story: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mouse

Casting mouse flies at night for big browns can result in savage strikes from big browns.
Photo by Drew Nisbet, Fishing Manager of Orvis Buffalo

Went to the Boneyard yesterday afternoon. Big yellow stoneflies in the air. First time I’ve ever seen them flying around at the Farmington. Hooked and lost a (seeming) mega on a yellow stonefly . . .


“Daisy-Chain Blues,” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply

Chasing saltwater species off the coast of Massachusetts was one of Bill Tapply’s passions.
Photo courtesy Vicki Stiefel

When my father was a young man living and working in New England, he caught striped bass and weakfish (seatrout) on his bamboo fly rod, casting from a dory into the harbors and estuaries . . .


The Late Season Means Bigger Fish in Smaller Water

Written by: Len Harris, Jr.

This late-season brown was fooled with a Conehead Woolly Bugger in a non-typical lie.
Photo by Len Harris, Jr.

Last year featured our first extended seasons in Wisconsin. Early season here opens on the first Saturday of January, and you can now fish through to the 15th of October. For many years, our . . .


Trip Report and Photos: Into the Wilds of Swedish Lapland

Written by: Oliver Streuli, The International Hobbyist

The author shows off a brown trout that was average-size for the river.
Photos courtesy Oliver Streuli

Once again, the onus, enjoyable though it may be, was on me to plan my annual fishing trip with my friend, Mark. This year, we wanted a little wilderness along with our fishing, and northern . . .


“Same Time Next Year,” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply

Fishing the “Big Lake” for smallmouths was twice an annual tradition for Bill Tapply.
Photo courtesy Colin McKeown, of The New Fly Fisher 

It was shortly after the arrival of the new year—the snow drifts around the north side of my barn stood eight feet deep, and the red stuff in the thermometer outside my kitchen window was . . .


Story: Days Like These Are Why I Fish

Written by: Len Harris, Jr.

The fish in this hole could not be caught that day, but they provided a lasting memory nonetheless.
Photo by Len Harris, Jr.

My friend, Rob Gooze, and I were way back in the middle of nowhere on the headwaters of one of my favorite streams, when we saw this perfect rock bluff. It was early spring, and the vegetation . . .


Personal History: Birth of an Angler in Colorado

Written by: Gordon M. Wickstrom

Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, just a few years before this story takes place.

It was after morning recess in Mrs. Winter’s sixth-grade class at Mapleton School in Boulder, Colorado. I remember the moment precisely, when the boy behind me, right in the middle of . . .