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Creating a a Persuasive Image of a Sulfur

A newly hatched sulfure rides the surface of a Pennsylvania stream.
Photos by Ted Fauceglia

Freshly hatched duns resting on slow-moving currents are the equivalent of low-hanging fruit. But trout will often follow and scrutinize a perfectly formed natural for several feet before deciding . . .


Ask the Experts: How do you know when it’s time to change flies?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Guide Ivan Tarin of Salvelinus Fly Fishing selects a new pattern to try on a river in the western Pyrenees.
Photo by Sandy Hays

A couple years ago, we introduced a new “Ask the Experts” Column and asked you to pose some questions for our panel of experts. Our latest question comes from reader Jerry Seitz, who . . .


Tuesday Tip: Using a Sweep Set for Better Hook-Ups

Written by: Phil Monahan

When you’re fishing downstream, the sweep set will result in many more hook-ups.
Photo via the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center

When you’re either fishing downstream or have a lot of slack on the water—for instance when you’re making slack-line casts, such as a pile cast or a curve cast—setting the hook can be difficult. Because there’s a lot of slack on the water, if you simply raise your rod tip, all you’re doing is picking up the slack. Depending on how. . .


Pro Tips: How to Make a Downstream Dry-Dropper Presentation to Wary Trout

Written by: George Daniel, Livin On The Fly

Silver Creek guide Taite Pearson has stopped his rod high and then pulled back the tip to remove the slack.
Photos by George Daniel

Trout streams are like humans: every one has a different personality. Some are overly friendly, and some would like to kick you in the head. Idaho’s Silver Creek is often the latter. The key is to . . .