1,000 Miles: We’re Almost There!

Farmer Creek, OR
Photo by Trout Unlimited

Put yourself into the scene above. Imagine standing on the banks of the tranquil Farmer Creek in Oregon on a warm autumn afternoon, listening to the music of the stream. Not too long ago this idyllic trout spawning ground was blocked by a perched culvert. Thanks to the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign this stream is once again full of life. Wouldn’t you love to see more of this?

Thanks to the generosity of so many wonderful Orvis customers, we’ve made some great progress. Since 2012 this Campaign has reconnected over 500 miles of stream habitat across the country, an effort that has directly benefitted native and wild trout and significantly increased the recreational opportunities for the many anglers who pursue them.

We’re pulling up on the end of September and, with it, the end of construction season. We still have 45 miles to go, and we need your help. Orvis will match your donation to the 1,000 Miles Campaign dollar for dollar for twice the impact. If you haven’t donated yet, please take a few minutes and a few bucks to help improve the habitat you love. How many chances do you get to double your money this easily?

If you have already made a donation, on behalf of all the rainbows and brookies and cutthroats and steelheads and all their Piscean friends, thanks so much. They wouldn’t hate it if you gave a little more.

As an added incentive, check out this TU post on one of our latest success stories, Little Lyman Run in Pennsylvania. And thanks for your generosity.

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