Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Use a Tippet Ring (and, Perhaps, Join the Dark Side)

We are so accustomed to watching the brilliant tying videos from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions every Tuesday and Wednesday that it’s easy to forget what a twisted sense of humor the man has. (Anyone remember his proctologically inspired “Why I Need a Sling Pack” video?) Well, this week’s tip features Barbie as a spokesmodel for Tim’s explanation for how to use a tippet ring.

“A tippet ring?” you may ask. “What manner of atrocity is this?”

Surely, there will be some folks who will object to inserting a small piece of metal between the leader and tippet, but others will see the benefits in being able to quickly change tippets with just a clinch knot. Either way, Tim brings his usual skill and clarity to his instruction, and there are several tricks of the trade for everyone here.

Whattya think of the tippet ring: advantage or apostasy?

Barbie sez: “Always use a leader gauge!”
Photo by Tim Flagler

10 thoughts on “Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Use a Tippet Ring (and, Perhaps, Join the Dark Side)”

  1. I use them frequently. And tying them on at home beats doing it on the water. Barbie is an awesome instructional tool.

  2. I may be slighting all the other great videos, but the Barbie tippet ring video is one of the best! Looking forward to seeing Mr Flagler in Massachusetts in January.

  3. We used to have to get welded silver links from jewelry repair guys before they became available at fly shops but they are real tapered leader savers. Just make sure your leader is heavier than your tippet and don’t fall in the trap of never retying the leader side on occasion.

  4. Tippet ring: Hilarious Vid and good strategy for efficient tippet management.
    Mono management. The mono master is out of stock everywhere. I lost mine on the stream. Any suggestions other than the plastic bag trick? The Fishpond bucket doesn’t work as well and gets lost a ton.

    1. I just put whatever I generate and whatever I find left behind in my back pocket to dispose of at home. So far, pants with back pockets have always been in stock, though not necessarily in my inseam.

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