“20 Days in September” Project Update: Up the Creek with Tom Rosenbauer

The brilliant spawning colors of a native Green Mountain brook trout are incredible.
All photos by Tom Rosenbauer

Here’s one of the great things about my job: yesterday morning, Tom Rosenbauer said to me, “Hey, I need some pictures of brookies. Can you go fishing with me this afternoon?”

There is, of course, only one answer to that question.

The fishing was actually considerably tougher than we expected.

We headed up a steep mountain stream in the Green Mountain National Forest, and I tied on a tried-and-true Stimmie. But the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees from the day before, so the fish were not active. Several times, Tom and I expressed astonishment that a perfect drift did not draw a strike. But we did manage to land half a dozen brookies, as well as a little brown, much higher on the watershed than either of us had ever seen one. A couple of the brookies were in spectacular spawning colors, and Tom’s photos came out great.

This brownie more than likely traveled up out of a larger river down in the valley.
All photos by Tom Rosenbauer

Although I got few bites, those I did get were right where you;d expect them to be.
All photos by Tom Rosenbauer

This stunner, with gorgeous white leading edges, whacked a PMX that barely fit in its mouth.
All photos by Tom Rosenbauer

What a great way to spend a September afternoon in Vermont.
All photos by Tom Rosenbauer

5 thoughts on ““20 Days in September” Project Update: Up the Creek with Tom Rosenbauer”

  1. Phil, you can tell Tom that if he needs some pics of some greenback cuts, he can come out to Colorado and go fishing with me. Just Saying. Looks like you guys had fun. I was inspired by your quest for 20 days of fishing in September, and started out to do it my self. Unfortunately I got 3 days in and then I hurt my back. been down for a couple of weeks nuw, but gonna head back out tomorrow.

  2. your post inspired me to re explore a small stream near my home that I know has a population of wild brown trout. I am happy to report the fish are still there. the stream has changed but the fishing hasn’t. thanks

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