The “20 Days in September” Contest Starts Friday!

There were some great images submitted throughout last year’s contest!
Montage by Phil Monahan

Okay, folks, we are T-minus five days from the start of my favorite month of the year, as well as the kickoff of the 2017 “20 Days in September” Contest. The concept is a simple one: we all fish our butts off for a full month, documenting our experiences and fish in photos. Then we pick ten finalists, and you all vote for the winners.

The prizes this year are killer:

  • First Place: A Helios 3 Fly Rod.
  • Second Place: A Mirage Fly Reel.
  • Third Place: A pair of Orvis Made-in-the-USA Nippers.
  • If you’re worried that your photography skills aren’t up to snuff, don’t worry: we also give away a pair of nippers to one randomly selected participant.

Download the calendar below to help you keep track of your time on the water. Can you get to 20 days? I can tell you from experience that it’s easier than it sounds.

We will post the complete rules, as well as terms and condition, on Friday.

Click here to download this calendar as a PDF to document your month-long adventure.
Crap PhotoShop job by Phil Monahan

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