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Cesal pike 1

Adam Cesal with a pike that he caught using tips from Tom Rosenbauer’s recent podcast.
photo courtesy Adam Cesal

We recently received a letter from Adam Cesal of Spokane, Washington, who had listened to Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast on pike fishing and then gone right out to put his newfound knowledge to work. From the pictures he sent, it looks like he had a pretty good time. Here’s Adam’s note to Tom:


Again your podcast is the greatest thing I have listened to in a long time. I look forward to your new ones every week. I was so excited when you put one up on pike fishing as I have been thinking about trying it out for some time. I set out last weekend armed with what I learned from your podcast and headed out to my local pike waters (after hitting the local fly shop for some pike flies).

It started out to be a bad day of fishing with it raining, windy and cold. So I put on my rain gear and launched my PT boat into the river and started to make a mess out of my fly line with these monster flies in the heavy wind. After getting the hang of casting flies the size of baby ducks, I got into the groove. Well, needless to say I had a great day on the water and can’t wait to go out and hit it again. Pike are a lot of fun to catch and unlike anything I have wrangled in before (I’m a die-hard trout guy). Well, enough said: the attached pictures will tell the rest of the story. Again thanks for the great podcast and keep them coming.

Cesal Pike 2

Once he got the hang of casting the heavy flies, Adam got into the fish.
photo courtesy Adam Cesal


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