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[Ed Note: Phil Monahan is chasing redfish and picked this Friday Film Fest post to repost in his absence. He’ll be back next week with all new videos.- JH]

TGIFFF! Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Fest, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s videos span the globe, from Greenland to Argentina, and may involve more species than we’ve ever covered on a single Friday before. Lots of topwater action is a real bonus. Enjoy!

You’ve hiked in many miles, clambered down steep streambanks, and chopped your way through thick brush. You’ve finally spotted a trophy trout, but overhanging vegetation forces you to make a bow-and-arrow cast. What’s your reward? You must now subdue the beast in a tiny space. This video captures the real adventure of chasing trophy in NZ.

Baby Tarpon from ch02e on Vimeo.

The saltwater version of chasing native brookies in mountain streams, casting for baby tarpon in small creeks looks like a total blast. First, there’s the frustration of rolling fish everywhere that refuse to eat, but once you’re hooked, the aerial displays are impressive. The real beauty, I suppose, is that it doesn’t take you a half hour to get the tarpon to hand, so you you can go get another one.

Sea-run char in Greenland from Jan St├╝eken on Vimeo.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Google Earth looking at rivers in Greenland because it strikes me as one of the more remote places on the planet where there’s good fly fishing. Plus, I’ve never caught a big char. This video offers a good view of the stark landscape and the quality of the fishing, both of which appeal to me.

Since Tom’s podcast was about pike this week, I thought we’d need some good pike video, and dang! if one of the commenters from last week’s Film Festival didn’t hit the jackpot. The series of monster strikes toward the end is amazing.

InSHore FlyFishing for Golden Dorados from Mariano Ravizza on Vimeo.

It’s always fun to discover a fly-fishing experience you never knew existed, and this video about wading and casting for baby golden dorado in Argentina is a hoot. In fact, the game seems remarkably similar to the tarpon fishing above. Perhaps we should invent a Baby Grand Slam. What would be our third “infant” species?

FLY-FOCUS Trailer from Marcus Sies on Vimeo.

Our first film from a German director (and a video also suggested by a commenter on last week’s FFF) is an absolutely gorgeous work that mixes lovely cinematography, compelling music, and many different species of fish. The footage of the insects at the beginning is downright mesmerizing and makes me yearn for the first big Hendrickson hatch on the Battenkill.

Fly Fishing from Roy Wheeldon on Vimeo.

Finally, we could always use a little bit of jumping steel, right?. This trailer for the upcoming film Paid in Full features hot dry-line action, with plenty of hookups and happy anglers, with an appropriate amount of frustration thrown in for good measure.

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