The Carp-pocalypse is Coming! August 11-12

California fly fishers aren’t the only ones to have a chance at carp-fishing fame and fortune. Adam McNamara, Fishing Manager at the Orvis Portland store is about to see a dream come true:

Last fall, I started working on a little side project. I had an idea to throw a fly-fishing tournament for carp that would be a great chance for a bunch of people to get together catch some big fish, drink some awesome beer, eat some BBQ, and help the Native fish we all love.

After some hard work—and lots of help from from some awesome people at the Native Fish Society, Orvis, Ninkasi Brewing, Idylwilde Flies, John Montana, and others—I am proud to say it has finally come together.

Today I am proud to announce the first annual Carp-pocalypse Tournament at Banks Lake in Washington. Clear water, shallow flats, lots of fish, and plenty of sun make this a perfect place for everyone to get together and have some fun while helping our native fish. This is a two-day tournament with a tailgate party on Saturday night so come prepared to impress with your tailgating abilities as well as your mad flats fishing skills. All it takes to join is a minimum donation of $25.00 to the Native Fish Society. To sign up or get more information come see me at the Portland Orvis store or give me a call at 503-598-7680.

Carpocalypse Tournament Rules

1. We are fly fishing so all fish must be caught on flies. No bait, no scent. just fur, feather, and synthetics tied to a hook.

2. We are all sportsman not snaggers so fish must be hooked in the mouth.

3. It’s a Carp tournament so only Carp count.

4. Saturday check in times are 6am and 6pm Sunday check in times are 6am and 3pm, as long as you are there for the check in you may fish any water that you want; drive 5 minutes or 5 hours it doesn’t matter to us as long as you are at the check in on time.

5. All prizes are awarded based on photographic proof. And decided by a panel of three impartial judges provided by the Native Fish Society. We don’t want anyone bringing dead Carp back to the weigh in unless you plan on eating them at the tailgate party (and then you wont probably have many friends lining up to sample your culinary skills)

6. In case of a tie in any of the categories the winner will be decided by coin toss. If it is a tie for first place the loser of the coin toss will be awarded the second place prize. If there is a tie for second place then the winner of the coin toss will receive the prize the loser is out.

7. Go fish, have fun, be cool. This tournament is all about having fun and helping our native fish runs.

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