Repost: How to Tie a Thorax Blue-winged Olive

BWO Thorax from Richard Strolis on Vimeo.

Here’s another great pattern from Connecticut-based guide Rich Strolis, whose patterns we have previously featured here, here, and here. Blue-winged olives are among the most important insects in early spring out West, often hatching on overcast days or even during snow squalls. Rich’s pattern is designed for the most finicky trout, and he includes a tip at the end for creating a crippled version, for when the trout are focused olives stuck in the surface film.

Here’s Rich’s recipe for the pattern, which can be tied to imitate many mayflies just by changing sizes and colors:

Rich’s BWO Thorax
Hook: TMC 100, sizes 16 through 22.
Thread: UTC, 70 denier.
Shuck: Darlon.
Body: Tying thread.
Wing: EP Silky Fibers.
Hackle: Whiting dry-fly.

All colors to match the natural.

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