Exotic Film Fest!

It’s been snowing all week here in Southern Vermont, which has me pining for warmer temperatures and fish-filled waters. What better way to shake off the early-winter blues than with some video of exotic species in far-off lands? We start with golden dorado in the wilds of Bolivia. There are some amazing shots of violent strikes in this one.

Next we move to Germany, where Rudi Heger has developed a fondness for casting flies to giant catfish from a kickboat. The size of the fish will astound you.

How about tigerfish in Tanzania? More slashing strikes and incredible leaps. It seems one must look out for herds of wading hippos, though.

Finally, we head down to the South Island of New Zealand for some great video of backcountry fishing. More leaping fish, more happy anglers.

Snow? What snow?

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