First Redfish in the Grass

First Wade in 2011 Capt. Tuck Scott 3/17/11 from Bay Street on Vimeo.

We are T-minus 12 days until trout season here in Vermont, but some of our southern compatriots are getting an early start to their fishing year. Here’s a great video from Capt. Tuck Scott of Bay Street Outfitters in Beaufort, South Carolina, who recorded his very first wading trip for redfish.

“Here in Beaufort, we love our tailing redfish, and about half way through the winter we start dreaming about warmer days so the fish will start tailing again,” he writes. “Usually tails don’t start popping up until some time in April or even May, but with a warmer end to winter as we come into spring, tails are happening a little early this year.”

Methinks this bodes well for the months ahead.

4 thoughts on “First Redfish in the Grass”

  1. Hopefully the weather was as nice as it looked. I don’t know if the humidity is there in March, hopefully not.

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