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The Orvis Flagship Store is a must-see destination for a lot of folks, but let’s face it: not everyone is going to end up in Manchester, Vermont. But for those of you around the country who aren’t heading to the Northeast anytime soon, we’ve got the next best thing. You can now take a virtual walk through the store using the “street view” feature of Google Maps.

If you’ve never used this feature before, here’s how you navigate:

1. In the upper left of the screen, you’ll see a circle with four arrows. This controls what direction you look from where you’re “standing.” Look left, right, up or down.

2. The little plus and minus signs below the circle allow you to zoom in and out.

3. The arrows on the floor allow you to “walk” through the store. You can only go where the arrows point you, so you can’t walk to every corner of the store.

Don’t miss the upstairs! You can go up the front staircase, and as you do check out some of the cool photos and displays on the wall. Once you’re upstairs, head to the back window. If you look down from there, you can see some of the big trout swimming in the pool just outside the windows.

So, check it out above, or click here to open a new window and walk through the store.

Google Maps Flagship

The fly-fishing section of the Orvis Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont, is
a great place to engage in some daydreaming.

photo courtesy Google Maps

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