Friday Film Festival 05.20.11

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Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, we start off with a wonderful father-daughter experience during Utah’s green-drake hatch and end with another uplifting story, about the rise of California Trout as an important conservation force protecting trout and salmon. In between, we’ve got a nice mix of freshwater, saltwater, and warmwater. And, as usual, there are more hijinx from our Scandinavian pals, who will make you think of Whitney Houston in a completely different way. Enjoy!

Last month, we featured Bryan Eldredge as our Trout Bum of the Week, and he returns here with a video that features a day on the water with his daughter, Tali, fishing a huge green-drake hatch. Things start out slowly, but there’s a great shot of the father’s hand guiding the daughter’s during the cast, and it all turns out well in the end. The look on her face when she finally sees the gorgeous brown trout she’s caught says it all.

Trailer – Surf&Inshore Fishing 2009 from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

Another repeat guest is Peter Laurelli, whose video wrap-up of his 2010 striper season was featured on the blog back in February. Here’s some of his previous work, focused on the 2009 season around New York. Peter combines the roles of serious fisherman and serious filmmaker, and it’s not easy to produce this much quality footage while trying to catch fish at the same time. Trust me; I’ve tried.

Spring Fly Fishing On The Provo from kipppmartin on Vimeo.

The fantastic spring fishing out West doesn’t get nearly the amount of press that the summertime hatches do, but this video, shot on the Provo River by photographer Kipp Martin shows how good spring can be. Kipp really captures the fun of a day on the river with great friends, and the fish ain’t bad, either.

Complicated love from Freestyle fish – fsFly on Vimeo.

I hope that none of you FFF regulars are getting sick of watching the guys do their thing. These Swedish trout bums have a knack for creating offbeat videos full of great action, without trying to be hip or XTREME!. They seem to be focused on catching big fish and having a great time doing it, and their videos exude their infectious enthusiasm. As long as they keep them coming, I plan to keep posting them.

Fly Fishing for Striped Bass on a Surface Popper from Mark Cahill on Vimeo.

This video doesn’t feature the greatest production values–there’s no soundtrack or gorgeous cinematography–but how often do you get to watch, up close, a big striped bass follow and then nail a surface popper? Striper season is soon to kick off in the Northeast, and watching this has me thinking about casting the 9-weight on Joppa Flats next month.

California Trout from Justin Coupe on Vimeo.

It’s easy to take for granted the access to clean rivers and wild trout that many of us enjoy. But rest assured that the only reason we have these resources is that many people worked tirelessly to preserve or restore them. This film focuses on one such group of conservationists, the founders of California Trout. It’s an inspiring story that will, I hope, instill in you the confidence that you can have a profound effect on the waters you love. Have a great weekend!

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