Classic Video: A Stunning, 14-pound New Zealand Brown Trout

Sometimes, when you’re poking around on YouTube, you discover gems you never knew existed. (Of course, in the process of creating the Friday Film Festival every week, I may spend more time poking around than most.) Here’s a video from 2010 of a New Zealand angler named Russell Frost laying into a truly monstrous brown trout. A sign of the trout’s hugeness is its reaction to being hooked: it kind of seems indifferent, as if nothing could possibly be wrong. After what looks to be a grueling, if somewhat unspectacular fight, Frost lands the trout. And when you see it in the net, don’t be taking a sip of your morning coffee. otherwise, you may have to spend a few minutes cleaning up the effects of your spit-take.

And just because. . .below is another Frost brothers production, which features even a few tiny trout—something you rarely see from Kiwi land. You’ll dig their thick accents, especially when they say things like “nymph” and “algae.”

Russell Frost

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