Fly-Fishing-Video: “Cold Blue” from The Fly Collective

Cold Blue Nights from The Fly Collective on Vimeo.

Some folks think night fishing is a bit nutty, and many anglers put away the fly rods for the winter. So you can imagine how these people would feel about winter night fishing. But Colorado guide Ryan Henderson has discovered that he can find solitude and great nymphing on a normally crowded section of the Blue River by waiting until after dark.

This video is the first product of The Fly Collective, a media project by Ivan Orsic (whom we know better as Yukon Goes Fishing) and photographer Russell Schnitzer. As you’ll see, this video doesn’t have the fast editing and pumping beats of a YGF production, and it’s more focused on storytelling than attitude. We look forward to seeing a lot more from these guys.

cold blue

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