Fly Tyer Digital Subscriptions


Fly Tyer is the world’s best magazine about lashing fur and feathers to hooks, and I don’t say that just because I used to be its editorial director. My friend Dave Klausmeyer combines great how-to articles with stunning photography to create a magazine that’s not just instructive, but some serious eye-candy, as well. Because every angler wants new patterns, Fly Tyer’s readership also includes many expert, hardcore fly fishermen—including lots of guides.

Dave emailed me today to let me know that Fly Tyer is now offering digital subscriptions, which means you get the magazine via your computer, with no “hardcopy.” This is great news for tiers who live in other countries (where postal rates are prohibitive), those who wish to save paper, and those who want to be able to archive issues without using up shelf space. Now your laptop can be a repository of expert fly-tying articles.

For those who may be skeptical, the magazine is offering a free digital sample.

To subscribe to the digital edition, visit the Fly Tyer homepage, click “Subscriptions” from the menu bar, and choose “Subscribe to Digital.”

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