Friday Film Festival 04.15.11

Film Festival2

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week we’ve got a good mix of fresh and salt, exotic and down-home, as well as professional and do-it-yourself filmmaking. You might even learn some Swedish. Enjoy!

Brule River Steelhead Fly Fishing 2011 from Mick Uzendoski on Vimeo.

Nothing beats fly-fishing with a good buddy, one who can share in the agony and the ecstasy of any given day on the water. This video of spring fishing for steelies on the Brule River features plenty of agony–broken rod, broken tippets, and broken hearts–but it ends with some big smiles.

“Satori” Trailer: Fly Fishing For Permit from WorldANGLING on Vimeo.

Will Benson and the guys at World Angling aren’t professional filmmakers, but their productions are some of the more exciting and well made in the industry. This trailer for their latest project, “Satori,” captures the obsessive nature of permit fishermen and offers a thrilling glimpse into their world. Oh, and you’ll see some sweet fish, too.

Naknek 2011 from Michael Schoder on Vimeo.

I guided in Alaska for three years in the mid 1990s, but I never knew that there was spring fishing for rainbows on the Alaska Peninsula. The Naknek River is known, of course, for its jumbo trout, and there are some true monsters–even by Alaskan standards–caught here. It’s not the best piece of filmmaking, but it’s something you’ve never seen before and the rainbows are humongous.

In last week’s festival, we featured “Devil’s Gold,” about catching big golden dorado in Bolivia. But apparently, those weren’t the real big ones. This trailer for the upcoming “Kings of the River” follows a group of anglers deep into the jungle, where they discover huge schools of massive fish, all willing to go airborne when hooked. How often do you hear a guy cradling a fish say, “I can’t lift him”? Warning: just a bit of adult language here.

Fly Fishing Short from FlaglerFotog on Vimeo.

This video is labelled a “test” of the kayak-mounted GoPro, but right off the bat, there’s a fantastic cast-take-run sequence, so I suspect this guy already knows what he’s doing. I have never caught a redfish, but the more of these videos I see, the more I want to head to the southern marshes.

This video is both long and in Swedish, so you might wanna skip through the talky parts. But it’s beautifully shot and features gorgeous waters and remarkable Arctic char. The spawning colors on the big males seem surreal, and the females aren’t too shabby, either. Have a great weekend!

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