Friday Film Festival

As the snow flies here at the Home Office, the closest we’ll come to fly fishing this weekend is watching some of the great video available online. This three-pack of YouTube videos runs the gamut from the contemplative life of Izaak Walton to the raw power of a violent tarpon strike. Since it’s a work day, we’ll run them in order of shortest to longest. You may want to save James Prosek’s 47-minute “The Complete Angler” for the weekend.

This one, by Bozeman-based photographer Troy Batzler, wins the award for “most gorgeous fly-fishing film under a minute.” I had to watch the stunning shot at :32 to ensure it wasn’t somehow faked with special effects. Wow. 

Next up is another shorty—put together by Capt. Nick Angelo, a saltwater guide out of Tampa—and it offers really exciting footage of tarpon “eats,” a few jumps, and some slight equipment trouble.

Finally, here’s the entire film documenting James Prosek’s travels in the footsteps of Izaak Walton, focusing on The Compleat Angler.  


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