Friday Film Festival 01.21.11

Marlin To Fly: Vintage IGFA Video from Costa Sunglasses on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Friday Film Festival. We’re kicking things off with some amazing archival footage, from the IGFA, of the very first striped marlin landed on a fly rod. How often do you get to see such a first? The boats and tackle seem primitive by today’s standards, but Doc Robinson’s pioneering methods of teasing the fish to the boat are still used today. His wife Helen looks like a pretty hardy fishing companion, to boot. Make sure you watch until the end to see some amazing horizontal leaps by a monstrous fish.

Fly Fishing Edit from trever wilson on Vimeo


Here’s a great short film on the joys of small-stream fishing for big trout. There are a couple of very nice strike shots.

Black Bass Fly Fishing from oliver040 on Vimeo.

Who knew that there was good fly-fishing for bass in France? This film is shot and cut like a trailer for a dark thriller, with murky focus, quick edits, and an underlying mood of sinister menace.

Fly Fishing the Black River, Vermont. 2010. from StokeLab Media on Vimeo.

Here’s a short one from our home state. It’s nice to see someone shooting beautiful footage of an average angler, rather than a superstar caster. And, as you’ll see, even a mediocre cast sometimes produces a beautiful trout. It’s an inspiration for us all.

Harjus, eli sinne ja takaisin from Juho Mattila on Vimeo.

Scandinavia fascinates me as a fly-fishing destination. I know so few Americans who have traveled there, but I’ve seen enough footage to know there’s amazing fishing for trout and grayling to be had—in addition to the Atlantic salmon that the region is known for. This film follows a couple anglers in search of grayling. Things start off frustrating, but once they get into the fish, the results are gorgeous.

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