Friday Film Festival 01.28.11

Film Festival2

90 minutes from Dave Jensen on Vimeo.

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Fest, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. We kick things off this week with an epic story of man vs. fish, in which an angler works a fish for an hour and half and changes flies more times than you’ll believe. Does he catch it? You’ll have to watch to find out.

How many times is there an opportunity to enjoy great fly fishing the shadow of an architectural icon? It’s summer in Australia, and apparently there’s insane saltwater action right next to Jørn Utzon’s famed Sydney Opera House. My favorite thing about this video, however, is that it really captures how much FUN it is to be out on the water on a gorgeous day with good friends.

Helicoptering into a remote New Zealand trout river is on the life list for most fly fishermen. Here’s a video to feed that desire, featuring gorgeous scenery, big fish, and a good sense of what the fishing is like miles from nowhere.

The Forgotten Coast HD Bent Rod Media from Bent Rod Media on Vimeo.

Although the makers of this video are appalling spellers—as the titles make apparent—they are adventurous anglers, traveling to the Mosquito Coast, where they discover the unfortunate truth about how the area got its name. On the bright side, after several fruitless days on the water, they discover tarpon Nirvana.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, Self, do you think it’s possible to catch a trout while hanging upside down?” No? Me, neither. But these guys have.


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