Friday Film Festival 08.24.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. I must say, I kind of went a little nutty this week, choosing eighteen (18!) videos for you to enjoy. What’s cool is that there is so much variety, and not just in locations and species. There are many different styles of video—from the slick, professional stuff to the very crude home-made job—and the moods range from high-end hilarity to cool detachment to somewhat eerie. As usual, there’s plenty for everyone, be you a coldwater trout-and-salmon angler; a tropical-saltwater fanatic; or a down-home bass-and-carp aficionado. Best of all, our pal Rolf is back, hootin’ in up in the South Pacific, even though he’s completely abandoned his “dry or die” philosophy. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future FFF, please post it in the comments below. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

trutta from WY Fly media on Vimeo.

We kick things off with the latest from Morgan Ford out in Wyoming. It’s a killer collection of scenes, from the high country to valley rivers, all featuring gorgeous trout (and a nice whitey). Morgan says, “We all go to a sacred alter when we can, be it a four-walled structure or a clean flowing river in search of something that sets us free, that allows us to see a greater good in the world, beauty for beauty’s sake, a connection to all that is right in the world. This video is meant as a visual description of my church.” Amen.

“The Last Salmon Forest” The Drake awards submission from Detonation Studios on Vimeo.

Winner of the cinematography award at the recent Drake Magazine Film Festival, this trailer from Detonation Studios explores the salmon fishery in the massive Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska, as well as the conservation issues that fisheries managers face.

The 802 is in the hizzee! Some young Vermont anglers have produced a great video on smallmouth fishing in the Green Mountain State. There are some fine bronzebacks, one sweet redhorse sucker, and a Michal-Phelps-inspired swimming demonstration. Great to see the young’uns so excited about the sport (fishing, not swimming).

BAM! from OutsmartingFish on Vimeo.

Bam! is right. There are some pig bull trout on display here, and lots of good underwater footage. And you gotta love a net man willing to wade hard for your fish.

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming DVD “Predator,” from Gin-Clear Media. If you wanna see multiple species just killing some flies, then this is the video for you.

Check out some bonefish action from Biscayne Bay, Florida. The underwater shots are exceptionally clear, which is cool.

HOOKÉ sur la rivière Sainte-Anne! from HOOKÉ on Vimeo.

Our favorite Quebecois are back with some hot Atlantic salmon fishing on the Sainte Anne River. There are no monsters landed, but there’s lots of great cinematography, editing, and music.

Here’s another new trailer, this time about a few fly-fishing guides on the Delaware in the Catskills. They just happen to be some of the same guys who put on the kids camp we posted about last week.

You like carp and other “brown-lining” fish? Here’s some sweet action from France, including one of the fattest big-lips we’ve ever seen taken on the fly. What the hell does that thing eat?

I don’t know why you’d want to edit in this format, a panoramic 5:1 aspect ratio, but it turned out very cool. The shots of trout feeding, taken from underwater, are exceptionally well done.

Fly Fishing Alaska 2012 from Bill Shawler on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a trip to Alaska with a buddy and your dads, in which you experienced unbelievably great fishing? It would look like this. As a former guide in Alaska, I can tell you that not every trip is this magical, so it’s cool that they caught it all on video.

Wild Trout 2012 – GoPro Edition from Vetle Kjærstad on Vimeo.

This footage is from two rivers in Russia, Eastern Litza (First Knee) and Kharlovka (Oset). It’s not a particularly compelling piece of filmmaking, but the browns are just huge, especially that one at the end.

We haven’t featured any Australian barramundi for awhile, and this video shows how one great spot can save a trip that’s looking like a disaster.

Fly-Fishing Documentary Teaser from Jared Hail on Vimeo.

This is a trailer for an upcoming documentary on fly-fishing in Oregon and Montana. It’s all about creating a mood, and the moving camera gives this footage a real professional feel.

Peter & Rolf on Aitutaki from Kokkaffe Media on Vimeo.

Ah, Rolf, how we have missed your laugh. As usual, this video from their adventures in Aitutaki shows Rolf and Peter having a blast. And, as always, it’s infectious good fun. Oh, and there are bonefish.

This is a strange little video, kind of moody and dark, from New Zealand—even when the dude lands some seriously good browns. It imagine that this is what it would be like fly fishing on Valium.

Bachelor Party Montana Style from Tailing Loops on Vimeo.

I think this fly-fishing bachelor party thing is becoming somewhat of a trend. I mean, who wouldn’t rather head out on the river, instead of goofing off at a bar and making a fool of yourself? Of course, there are 364 other days of the year for that, if you feel the need.

Fisching # 8 – Sær ørret på tørrflue med Matt Hayes from on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s Englishman Matt Hayes in Norway, casting to some very persnickity trout. It’s nice to see a video that acknowledges the fact that this can be an incredibly frustrating sport. That said, I detect some sketchy editing on the hook set. What do you think? Have a great weekend!

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