Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 11.30.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection probably features more minutes of video than any of our previous attempts. The last two videos alone take almost two hours to watch, so you’ll probably want to save them for the weekend. But there’s plenty for your lunchtime viewing today, including gorgeous stuff from around the world: from Tasmania, to South Africa, to Scandinavia, to Iceland, and all around the USA. We’re a little light on saltwater action, but youcan get your fix of benfish and permit in Cuba and some tripletail off Florida. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future FFF, please post it in the comments below. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

When it comes right down to it, probably no one does fly-fishing video better than Todd Moen. Pretty good evidence of that is this trailer for the Season 4 DVD from Catch Magazine.

Eternal Summer from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Håvard, from Jazz & Fly Fishing is back with another solo venture. He explains why he prefers summer, but he’ll take what little dry-fly fishing that fall offers. Great music by his band, too.

Cedar Drift Boats and Big Brown Trout from fishbeer on Vimeo.

This is a cool video about some hand-built driftboats, plus there’s some cool night-fishing sequences that feature an ingenious use of typography to describe the action.

Jason’s Addiction from CP Flyfishing on Vimeo.

When you work in a Calgary fly shop, the saltwater flats must seem a million miles away, but Jason dreams only of permit. As a Canadian, he can travel to Cuba easily, but the fishing there isn’t easy at all.

WITHOUT A NET from Richard White on Vimeo.

Here’s some cool yellowfish action from South Africa that features one of the great running-down-the-river scenes of all time. (Stay tuned for the slo-mo version at the end.) The angler doesn’t seem to miss a beat in the fight against his strong adversary, though.

This video captures the stillness, solitude, and frigidity of late-season angling in Iceland. The fish ain’t bad, either. from Desi on Vimeo.

From Iceland, we hop on over to some urban fly fishing in the middle of Zurich. It’s a nice little slice-of-life from another culture, and the way they end the day looks like a good time.

Rio Chato from Jeff Mueller on Vimeo.

November on the South Platte means few other anglers, but there can be rising fish. And they will eat, as these rainbows attest.

Here’s a trailer for a DVD shot across four Midwestern states, featuring steelhead, salmon, and brown trout. There are some splashy shots of takes from big fish here, which capture the excitement of that first contact with a big fish.

Tripletails love to hang out around buoys, and it’s often possible to to spot them. The key is to not hook the anchor rope during the presentation.

Skate from Fly Fishing Fantasies on Vimeo.

We’ve posted footage from the DVD “Paid in Full” before, and here’s a new edit featuring steelhead hammering skated dry flies, and sometimes actually getting hooked.

COLD REEDS teaser from Mikko Kytökorpi on Vimeo.

This is another trailer, for a short film about fly-fishing for pike around an archipelago in southern Finland. In under a minute and a half, it manages to be intriguing and exciting.

En attendant… from Julien on Vimeo.

No idea what’s going on here, but I like the tone and feel of this video, which is definitely a product of French cinema. Anyone wanna identify that fish with the horizontal pectoral fins?

Joe Tomelleri and his buddies have caught the carp bug bad, and they’re back with another adventure from deepest Kansas.

Western Lakes from paul anderson on Vimeo.

What could be worse that continually missing fish becasue you strike at the wrong time? Having a buddy there to film it, that’s what.

Breathe: A people film about fly-fishing and work. *FULL MOVIE* from RC Cone on Vimeo.

We posted the trailer for this film awhile ago, and now you can watch the whole 19-minute extravaganza: ” Follow the journey of one man’s fishing adventure that takes him across the state of Montana in search of the next fish, fresh perspective and a more fulfilling life — after all, staying afloat in this contemporary world is a challenge.”

Finally, here’s a long documentary of Mel Krieger’s adventures in Patagonia. There’s fishing footage, some how-to, and a bunch of folks just sitting around and talking. It’s an hour and a half long, so you might want to save this for the weekend, or just skip around. Have a great weekend!

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