Save Big at Our Giant Fly Sale

You’ve waited all winter to fish again. You’re finally on the water when you realize… your fly box is pretty darn thin and you don’t have that one pattern the fish want. The only thing more excrutiating than having trout rising near you (or bonefish tailing; or bass foraging) but not having the right fly they’re taking, is your buddy having that right fly and slaying the fish right in front of you. No one wants that.

That’s why we’re having our Giant Fly Sale the month of June. More than 100 fly patterns are on sale now. Just $1.50 for most trout flies and $2 for saltwater flies and big ugly trout flies. We’re not talking about arcane patterns here. We’re talking go-to patterns you need and want to catch more fish: Parachuste Baetis, PMDs, Adams, Hare’s Ears, WD-40s, Disco Midges, Pheasant Tails, Elk Wing Caddis, Griffith’s Gnats, Bead Head Prince Nymphs, Silver Sides, Albies, Bead Head Zug Bugs, Flashback Emergers, Barr’s Emergers, Brass Ass, LaFontain Caddis, Flats Minnows, Woolly Buggers, Ants, San Juan Worms, and many more.

Get the picture? These are great flies. Cheap.

So, stock up now while the flies are in stock and don’t get stuck with your buddy making that old joke when he has a fly pattern you need when you’re out there fishing and it’s far too late: “The price of flies just went up.” Grab your flies today at the Orvis Giant Fly Sale 2011.

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