Photos: Huge Browns and Cohoes from Eastern Wisconsin

George and Brian Browns 014 (7)

That’s a whole lotta Wisconsin brown trout.

photo courtesy George Childs

Blog reader George Childs sent in these great photos from Wisconsin, along with a note of explanation:

I visited my son and his family and took the opportunity to fish in Kohler. The temperature never climbed above 28 degrees, and there was light snow all day. We were after big browns, using Access 8-weight setups.

Fishing with guide Gordy Martin, we used Egg-Sucking Leeches most of the day, and mixed some trailer eggs and nymphs, as well. As you can see, we picked up some very nice browns, and I also threw in a couple pictures of cohoes we caught last year. Thought you might like to see these pics.

Um…yeah I wanted to see these pics. Those are some fantastic fish! No wonder you like visiting your son so much.

George and Brian Browns 008 (4)

George Childs

George and Brian Browns 013 (6)

George Cohos 017 (3)

George Cohos 009 (3)

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