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Arnold Richardson

Arnold Richardson, who portrayed the elderly Norman Maclean in the final scene of 
“A River Runs Through It,” passed away last month at the age of 96.

photo courtesy Sony Pictures

Although everyone remembers Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer as the stars of Robert Redford’s “A River Runs through It,” the image viewers are left with at the end of the film is the elderly Norman Maclean fishing alone on a Montana river as Redford reads the classic final lines of the book. Last month, Arnold Richardson, the actor who portrayed the older Maclean, passed away at age 96 in Townsend, Montana. His life story, as well as the tale of how he got the part in the film, make for great reading.

fish icon Biologists point to the last decade as a period of vast improvement in water quality in England and Wales. In fact, the River Tyne has experienced the largest salmon run in recorded history, and the Thames—once considered “biologically dead”—has seen the return of sea trout. But before you start popping Champagne corks, warns the head of water quality for the Environment Agency, it’s important to recognize how much work is yet to be done, and he calls for the improvements to continue.

fish icon The Osprey Steelhead News blog features a disturbing discussion of how the planting of hatchery fish is causing a decline in the wild-fish stock of Oregon’s Sandy River (home to the annual Sandy River Spey Clave.) The population of wild steelhead in the Sandy is now less than a quarter of what it was in 1980, despite the removal of two dams and increased habitat improvements.
fish icon Tampa Bay’s South Shore News & Tribune warns snook anglers that this could be another brutal winter of cold water and fish kills: “Fifty-five degrees is generally thought to be the bottom of living tolerance for snook, and we are about there already. Without a prolonged warming trend of more seasonable weather, Tampa Bay snook fishing could become little more than a memory.”
fish icon A new television show called “Wild on the Fly” starts airing this month on the Outdoor Channel. 

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