In the Loop 01.17.11

Opening day of salmon season is a big deal in Helmsdale, Scotland, with a parade, dancing, and, of course, bagpipes. Oh, and there’s fishing, too. This video ends with a plea from Orri Vigfussen, chairman of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, for the Scottish government to do more to protect Atlantic salmon in the ocean. 

fish icon Scientists studying the stunning decline of Frasier River sockeye salmon (a run that went from 60 million to less than 1 million in just a couple decades) now believe that a virus is to blame. “Co-author Scott Hinch at the University of B.C. says that the infection probably starts at sea, before the fish make their run upriver, a phenomenon he describes as “dead fish swimming” in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. He said the virus may be associated with leukemia and lymphoma.”
fish icon In case you’ve ever wondered if your streamer is too big, check out this post on the Sage Dog Studio blog and see what a big rainbow tried to eat.

fish icon The Native Fish Society has set up an automailer that will allow you to voice your support for Sandy River wild steelhead. As we mentioned last week, stocking programs have caused a decline in the population of native steelies in this famed Oregon river.
fish icon On the Alaska Dispatch blog,Scott Woodham writes an open letter to the state’s northern-pike population, explaining how the state is going to try to eradicate them to save game-fish species.

“Dear Non-native Northern Pike,

We The Concerned hope you’re having a nice winter because as soon as
the ice melts, things are going to get crazy. And we don’t mean your
spawning season. You’re going to have a heck of a time trying to stay
alive, especially if you live in Southcentral Alaska’s Alexander Creek
drainage. Luckily for you, you’re really good at staying alive when
humans want you dead.”

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