In the Loop 05.02.11

Cath Magazine

The latest issue of Catch Magazine features a cool video of fishing for golden dorado in the backcountry somewhere in South America, as well as the usual assortment of fine photography from Argentina to Tanzania to Montana.

fish icon The Field & Stream “Fly Talk” blog recently chose Michigan as the country’s top fly-fishing state. In the Detroit Free Press, Eric Sharp offers advice on how to make the most of the Wolverine State’s top waters for trout, steelhead, and warmwater species from white bass to carp.

fish icon If you live anywhere near Idaho or plan to be visit in the next couple weeks, don’t put away that steelhead rod. Traditionally, the state’s steelie season ended onApril 30th, but the Idaho Fish and Game Commission has extended the steelhead season on the section of the upper Salmon River from Salmon to Sawtooth Hatchery south of Stanley until May 15 this year. If you haven’t felt the tug this spring, you’ve still got time.

fish icon The issue of felt-sole bans got some national attention in USA Today last Friday, as Jeff DeLong offered an overview on where bans are in place, where they are upcoming, and which states have pending legislation.

fish icon Sea trout stocks in South Carolina are in such dire straits because of back-to-back cold winters that the S.C. Department of Natural Resources is calling for fishermen to voluntarily practice catch and release to protect the remaining spawners until September. Recent surveys have shown that the population of adult fish is the lowest it’s been in 20 years.

fish icon Talk about beginner’s luck: a first time Atlantic salmon angler on Scotland’s River Tay landed a stunning 38-pounder–a full 2 pounds heavier than the heaviest fish caught in the country last year. Andrew McAdam was fishing the same stretch of water where a famous 64-pound salmon was landed in 1922.

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