In the Loop 11.01.10

121 Year Old Trout
This 121-year-old mounted brown trout—caught in Loch Stennes on mainland Orkney, Scotland, in March 1889—is expected to fetch as much as $4,800 at auction this month.
Photo courtesy The Courier
fish icon Bonhams’ auction house in Edinburgh, Scotland, will be the scene of an exciting sale on November 11, when a 121-year-old mounted brown trout goes on the block. Caught in 1889, the trout weighed in at a whopping 29 pounds and was the British record wild-caught trout for more than 100 years.
fish icon Check out Tom Rosenbauer’s great post on the Orvis Bahamas Bonefish Classic, over on the Adventure blog.
fish icon And speaking of bonefish, here’s some great video of tailing bones—enough to get the juices flowing thinking about some wintertime tropical fly fishing.
fish icon New York’s Salmon River will be the scene of a “Catch and Clean” tournament on November 13th. Anglers will be picking up trash while they fish and are required to fill at least one 30-gallon trash bag in order to enter a fish and qualify for prizes. The event is being held by the Lake Ontario Tributary Anglers Council.

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