In the Loop 11.08.10


When I returned to grad school in New Jersey after my first summer as a fishing guide in Alaska in the early 90s, I proudly sported a “Spawn Till You Die” tee shirt—a creation of cult artist Ray Troll—which caused consternation among my suburbanized peers. It was a sad day more than a decade later when I was forced to admit that the threadbare shirt had become unwearable. A collection of Troll’s cool, witty artwork has just been released by Sasquatch books. Something Fishy This Way Comes: The Artwork of Ray Troll includes more than a hundred pages of Troll’s illustrations, spanning more than 30 years. If you’re unfamiliar with Troll’s work, check out his huge web site.

fish icon Coho salmon populations in California’s Sonoma County have declined by 90 percent since 1960. In an effort to help the fish rebound, biologists released 5,000 young cohos into Devil Creek last week as part of a ground-breaking program that establishes a “conservation bank” for coho salmon.


fish icon To find pure-strain examples of another California fish, the McCloud River rainbow trout, you’ll have to travel to southwestern Missouri.


fish icon Applications are now being accepted for the 17th annual Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation & Fly Fishing Youth Camp, open to boys and girls ages 14 through 17. The camp will be held June 19-24 2011 at the Allenberry Resort on the Yellow Breeches at Boiling Springs, PA.


fish icon A bonefish census conducted by guides and anglers in South Florida on October 23 has produced troubling results. From Biscayne Bay to the Marquesas Keys, participants counted about 200,000 bonefish, down from the mean estimate of 339,595 over the past eight years. According to fisheries scientist Jerry Ault of the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School, “This is a warning bell to our constituency. We really need to be looking at this.”



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