In the Loop 11.18.10

The 2011 International Fly Fishing Film Festival ( IF4 ) Commercial from Nick Pujic on Vimeo.

Out with the old fly-fishing film festival and in with the new! This week, the now International Fly Fishing Film Festival launched a new Web site and released a teaser. Check the schedule to see when it’s coming to a theater near you.

fish icon Edwin Rist, a 22-year-old American fly tier known for his full-dress Atlantic salmon flies, has been arrested and charged with stealing hundreds of rare-bird skins from London’s  Natural History Museum at Tring.
fish icon Italian fly tier Fabrizio Gajardoni needs no exotic birds for his fantastic creations, which include imitations of a beagle and a walrus.
fish icon Congratulations to Tom Chandler for five years of bringing of snark, conservation news, great photos and more snark to the fly fishing community on
fish icon Ever since I saw the documentary “Casting for Gold” in the early 1990s, I’ve been fascinated by the mahseer, a member of the carp family native to Soputheast Asia. In the documentary, famed British angler John Bailey and his friend Paul Root travel deep into the Himalayas trying to catch mahseer, and after many trials they eventually hook up at the confluence of the Ganges and Nayar rivers. Of course, Bailey and Root were casting plugs on big spinning gear, but I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on this new video of anglers in Thailand catching mahseer on flies.

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