In the Loop 11.22.10

Mark’s first striper on a fly – Lake Lanier from henry cowen on Vimeo.

Georgia-based (but Brooklyn-born) fly-fishing guide Henry Cowen films a client catching his first striped bass on a fly one morning on Lake Lanier. The first minute or so offers a great view of a pod of surface-feeding fish. WARNING: Journey soundtrack.

fish icon A sport-fish biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish & game has implanted transmitters in Kenai River rainbows to track their movements. Unfortunately, bears, eagles, and poachers remove subjects from the study on a regular basis.

fish icon An update on the story of American fly tier charged with stealing bird skins from a London natural-history museum identifies some of his targets—”rare and brightly-coloured tropical species like male trogons and quetzals from South America as well as birds of paradise from New Guinea presumably destined for use in Rist’s award winning built-wing Salmon flies.”
fish icon The Tar Heel Fly Fishing blog offers some excellent advice for winter fly fishing. Of course, a Tar Heel’s definition of “cold” is relative. 
fish icon My recent column on double-taper fly lines has generated quite a conversation in the comments section over on Turns out that there are lots of opinions on this subject and plenty of disagreement, even among experts.

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