In the Loop 12.17.10


A beautiful new fly-fishing photography blog called FocalFish collects and posts images “shot by fly fishing guides who would almost rather be taking photos than guiding.”

fish icon The Young Guns Fly Club, a new not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, has been launched to help introduce more kids to fly fishing. The club’s founder, David Fauquier, lists his dreams for the organization as:
         1.) Introduce fly fishing to kids;

         2.) Sponsor those who wish to pursue fly fishing so that money does not become an issue;
         3.) Raise money for big time fishing adventures across the planet; and
         4.) Assemble the most feared fly fishing group that the world has ever known.

fish icon Pairing fly fishing and wine seems to be all the rage these days. A northern California company called Outdoor Wine Adventures is planning a trip called “Wine on the Fly,” a three-day excursion to Victor, Idaho next July. If you don’t feel like leaving home, you can always simply drink wines from California’s Stonefly Vineyards or Georgia’s Brigadoon Lodge, who have started selling California wines under the name Fly Line.

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