A Kafkaesque Angling Moment from the New York Times


The scene of the “crime”: The excessively dry, fish-free Madison Square Park, just across
the street from the Urban Angler fly shop (see arrow) in Midtown Manhattan.

image via Google Maps

My dad sent me a link to this brief story (below) in the New York Times “Metropolitan Diary.” The diary a regular feature in the paper in which regular folks write in about their odd or wonderful experiences in the Big Apple. It seems that Mr. Stuart found himself in danger of being fined for fishing in a park where there is, in fact, no water. Apparently, rules are rules, whether they make sense or not. Perhaps we need an “Occupy Madison Square Park” movement of anglers, all of us casting to imaginary fish in an imaginary pond. I think that downtown, that kinda thing would be called “performance art.”


A short, but profound angling tale from the “Metropolitan Diary.”

via the New York Times

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