Fly Tying with My Daughter


Young Alex ties her first fly with her dad.

[Editor’s note: Here’s an email we received from a reader named Jeff, who had listened to Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast on  Fly Tying with Kids and put Tom’s advice to work.]

Hey Tom!
I decided to follow the advice you gave in the “Fly Tying With Kids”podcast and gave my six year old daughter Alex her first session at the vise this afternoon.
We have a fairly large kitchen table, which let me set up a tying space for each of us. Prior to “The Big Event,” I collected several baggies of materials just for her—some chenille, marabou, and peacock herl, among others. The largest hook I have is a size 8 streamer, which turned out to be just right.
I took what you said to heart and preserved her first fly in its own little plastic case. Her second fly, which she has named the “Red Headed Pooker Fish,” is tucked in my fly box for our first trip out this season. 
I can’t tell you how much fun this was, and how much she is looking forward to our next session. I also have to say that your suggestion of giving minimal instruction and “just letting them go” was spot on. Thanks for all of your great podcasts and for inspiring a truly unforgettable afternoon with my little girl.
Tight lines!
Jeff C.
Keene, New Hampshire
P.S. Attached is a picture of the artist, hard at work.

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