Bristol Bay Film Festival

Red Gold | trailer from felt soul media on Vimeo.

Given the exciting news for those of us engaged in the fight against Pebble Mine (see below), I thought I’d post a few films that explain in more detail the issues involved—the value of Bristol Bay as a natural resource, the potential for disaster in a mine of such incredible proportions, and the lives that would be forever changed. First up is the long-form trailer for the film “Red Gold,” by Felt Soul Media. This is the film that helped to bring the Pebble Mine fight to anglers all around the world. Don’t let the gorgeous cinematography fool you; this is a serious argument for preserving a fishery and a way of life..

The Bristol Bay Watershed (HD version) from Renewable Resources Foundation on Vimeo.

Next up is a short piece from the Renewable Resources Coalition, which focuses on the bounty and beauty of the Bristol Bay watershed, offering a clear view of what’s at stake for conservationists trying to stop the construction of the world’s largest pit mine in the region.

The Natural Resources Defense Council pulls no punches in its depiction of Pebble Mine as “a disaster waiting to happen.” You really get a sense of the scale of the project here, with good graphics showing how the mine will fit into the landscape.

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