Monday Morning Fly-Fishing Video Extra 01.28.13


Welcome to a special Monday mini version of the F5. When I’m putting together the collection for Friday’s festival, I have to stop looking at some point, and then post the videos I’ve got. Over the weekend, four videos that would have made the cut came online, so here’s a bonus festival to kick off your week.

22 Inches Short from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Do you remember the awesome ’80s, the golden age of VHS? Our pal Ivan at Yukon Goes Fishing certainly does, and he serves up a sweet helping of ’80s cheese in his latest video. You’ll feel his agony even more when your experience it through the scroll of scan lines and awesome pixelated graphics.

Outta Control from Chris Lewis on Vimeo.

Chris Lewis of Skinny Water Culture continues to send us killer video of his saltwater adventures in Florida. His description of this video—”a couple clips from this winter—way undersells the great footage of redfish, sheepshead, bonefish, and permit here.

We love posting the seasonal videos from guide Brian Wise, and now he’s gone and mashed up all the best bits into a year-end extravaganza. You may find yourself muttering “Gar…gar…gar” after you watch this, but it’s worth it to see all these great trout, bass, and slimy, toothy, prehistoric gar. The music and pacing oughta jump-start your day, as well

Winter Devotion – Trout Eating Topwater Midges in January from Colorado Trout Devotee on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s some deep-winter goodness from the guys at Colorado Trout Devotee. Whenever we post something about winter fishing, a couple folks will ask if it’s really possible to catch trout when it’s cold out. Well, these dudes bicycle into a tailwater when the mercury reads 13 below zero. I doubt they’d do that if there weren’t fish to catch, right? Hardy souls, these two.

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