Caption Contest: Win a FREE Orvis App!

Bonefish mania-1


photo by Tom Rosenbauer

Introducing the Caption Contest! Periodically, we’ll post funny, strange, or just plain “out there” photos and ask you to provide a caption in the comments section below. Then we’ll choose our favorites and have you vote on a winner. The prize is a free copy of the popular Orvis App for iPhone or Android. The App is a $14.99 value, plus it comes with a $10 Orvis gift card.

The Orvis app is an amazing tool that includes:

  • animation and video of the 20 most popular fly-fishing knots, 
  • a field guide to the 100 top trout and 50 top saltwater flies, 
  • all the Orvis fishing reports, 
  • video casting instructions, 
  • an index to all the Orvis podcasts, 
  • links to fishing license info and regulations for all 50 states, 
  • and mobile links to and the Orvis Facebook page.

So put your thinking cap on and come up with something brilliant.

Note: Before you start a letter-writing campaign. . .The bonefish in the above photo was killed by a shark and was being autopsied by marine biologist David Philipp of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to remove the otolith, or earbone, for precise age and growth information.

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