Fly fishing for Carp. . .in the New York Times?

Angler Will Rice releases a fine South Platte carp.

photo by Tim Romano via the New York Times

It’s no secret that fly fishing for carp is gaining in popularity; just look at the number of carp videos in our weekly Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festivals. And we have at least three certified carp nuts in the Rod & Tackle department here. But who would have expected this? In a certain blow to the haters out there, the New York Times—the stodgy Old Gray Lady herself—published an article on flinging flies to carp last week. Author Chris Santella interviews several Colorado anglers about the rising popularity of this former “trash fish”:

[Kirk] Deeter added: “I like to equate carp fishing with soccer. Around the world, carp is the No. 1 sport fish. A staggering amount of money is spent on carp angling. But here in America, it’s just starting to catch on.”

Santella goes on to describe how it is guides, rather than their clients, who are driving this new movement. It might be too early to say, but this may be the first sign that 2013 is the Year of the Carp in fly fishing. What do you think?

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