“Once in a Blue Moon” is Online!

Last year’s hit fly-fishing film “Once in a Blue Moon”—about casting mouse patterns for huge trout in New Zealand—is now online at Hulu.com. Husband-and-wife team Carl McNeil and Jeannie Ackland (you may remember them from the casting video we featured back in September) covered a lot of ground to capture glorious footage of big trout and mice, and the resulting film is both beautiful and exciting.

The filmmakers describe the project thusly: “In an unpredictable chain of events, a mass flowering of the ancient New
Zealand beech forest leads to an excess of seed production. Mice and other  rodents take advantage of this abundance, and numbers reach plague
proportions. Incredible footage follows these rodents as they embark on a
strange migration, attempting to swim across the expanse of New
Zealand’s rivers and lakes. There they fall prey to the largest
predators in the lake—monster brown trout.  Gorging themselves on swimming mice,
these fish become extremely aggressive and grow to epic proportions.
For a fly fishing angler, this is the stuff dreams are made of.”

For more information on the film, as well as others, visit the On the Fly Productions website.



One of Carl McNeil’s mouse patterns from the video.

courtesy On the Fly productions

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