The Joys of an Idaho “Business” Meeting

RBMs 2

Bill Reed, Orvis’s Director of Wholesale for Rod & Tackle, with a fine South Fork brown.

photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Last week, the Orvis Regional Business Managers got together to discuss and test some of the current and future Orvis fishing products with some of the best guides anywhere, from WorldCast Anglers of Victor, Idaho.

The new Helios 2 rods performed flawlessly. The RBMs caught fish on three different rivers (South Fork of the Snake, the Teton, and Bitch Creek) on virtually any type of rig you could think of. From big foam drys, to streamers, to multi-nymph rigs, to dry/dropper rigs, to skating mice, the RBMs unleashed a flurry flies to these wonderful fish.

Between the awesome guides and the unparalleled accuracy and toughness of the new Helios 2 rods, the RBMs came away with some impressive numbers and grins that still have not left their faces a week later.

RBMs 1

The gang and their guides outside WorldCast Anglers.

photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Here’s a little cell-phone video of Leigh Oliva, Orvis Manager of Corporate Sales for Rod & Tackle, casting to and landing a gorgeous trout:

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