Orvis Casters Shine at “Best of the West” Competition

Molly Semenik and Nick Teynor

Women’s “Best of the West” Champion Molly Semenik with Men’s Champion, Nick Teynor.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Over the past couple of months, we’e kept you up-to-date on the success Orvis casters have had at the Best of the West casting Competitions, held at International Sportsmen’s Expos around the West. First, Peter Kutzer and Molly Semenik took top honors at the Denver show, and then Hutch Hutchinson equaled Pete’s achievement in Sacramento and Cinda Howard won in Phoenix.

Those competitions were all qualifiers for the Main Event at the Salt Lake City ISE event last weekend, when true “Best of the West” champions would be crowned. Against stiff challenges from fellow casters, both Hutch and Molly made it to the final round. The women were up first, and Molly triumphed, earning the 2012 title. Hutch came up just short, placing second to Salt Lake City’s own Nick Teynor. Congratulations to Molly, Hutch, and all the Orvis casters involved!

All photos by my friend, Douglas Barnes. Check out his work at Douglas Barnes Photography and his fly-fishing images on his Zenfolio page.

Hutch, Pete, and Molly

Hutch Hutchinson, Peter Kutzer, and Molly Semenik work the Orvis booth at the
Salt Lake City ISE show before the competition.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Molly Semenik Straight Shot

Molly sends one straight down the middle during the finals.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Molly Semenik Concentration

A study in concentration.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Molly Body English

Molly uses a little body English to execute a curve cast.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Hutch Celebrates

Hutch celebrates Molly’s victory.

photo by Douglas Barnes

Hutch Hutchinson Laughs

Despite the pressure, Hutch casts with a smile during the finals.

photo by Douglas Barnes

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