Orvis Casters Sweep Best of the West Competition in Denver

Pete and Molly

Pete Kutzer and Molly Semenik show off their “1st Place” caps from the Best of the West Casting Competition.

photo courtesy Pete Kutzere

OrvisNews.com readers are certainly familiar with casting instructor Peter Kutzer, whose excellent how-to videos have been featured here. And those who frequent the Women in Fly Fishing blog may remember Molly Semenik from this fun video posted back in September. Over the weekend, these two accomplished something remarkable when they completed an all-Orvis sweep of the prestigious Best of the West Fly Casting Tournament, held at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Denver, Colorado. Peter and Molly were competing against many of the most famous competition casters in the world, making their achievement even more impressive. We’ll get a full account from Pete when he gets back from his fly-fishing-show tour, but we felt the need to offer heartfelt kudos to both of these fantastic fly-fishing teachers!

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