Orvis Embraces Budding Tenkara Movement

Tenkara – Get into it! from Chris Richardson on Vimeo.

Anyone reading fly-fishing magazines or searching the Internet has run across stories about tenkara fishing, and the number of anglers trying out this ancient Japanese method is growing rapidly. Yesterday, Orvis announced it would start selling rods, line, and flies made by Tenkara USA and helping to promote the Japanese method of fly-fishing. The truth is that there are several people in this building who have been tenkara junkies for awhile now.

Tom Rosenbauer sees a potential for tenkara to remove many of the typical barriers to entry new fly anglers experience. “Tenkara can be a great way for people to get introduced to fly-fishing,” he says. “Eliminating the reel and line handling removes a lot of the complexities of the sport, and the ability to get a drag-free float on pocket water makes it easy for novices to grasp this concept. Plus, it’s inexpensive and the tackle is simple and not intimidating.”

Rosenbauer also believes that tenkara is a good way to introduce children to the sport. “It’s simple and brings you back to the essence of fly-fishing. I know I will be teaching my 7-year-old how to fly fish with a Tenkara rod on a local bluegill pond.”

Click here to check out the 12-foot Iwana Tenkara Outfit at Orvis.com.

Click here to learn more about Tenkara.

Tom Rosenbauer uses a tenkara rod on a Vermont native-brookie stream.

photo courtesy Tenkara USA

2 thoughts on “Orvis Embraces Budding Tenkara Movement”

  1. Dear Sirs;

    I have a tenkara landing net from orvis that is beautiful and functional. The handle curves around to near the front of the net and their is a thumbhole between the handle and net for ones thumb to go through for better landing. Unfortunately The net “bag” has worn out and I can’t find a replacement for it on Orvis or other websites. Could you please help me locate a replacement. It does have Orvis stamped on the handle.

    Thanks for your time!

    Dave Winters

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