Orvis Decor in Afghanistan

Orvis in Afghanistan

Capt. Aaron Pearsall shows off his interior-decorating skills in his room at a US Army base in Afghanistan.

photo courtesy Aaron Pearsall

Capt. Aaron Pearsall of the U.S. Army is an avid angler and a member of the West Point Fly Fishing Club. When he was sent to serve in Afghanistan, where he found the decor somewhat dreary, he contacted Leigh Oliva here at Orvis and asked if we could offer any Orvis paraphernalia to remind him of home and help liven-up the place. Leigh shipped off a bunch of posters and stickers, and on Tuesday he received this photo and note via email:

Thought I’d send a picture of me and my now nicely decorated door to my room. I’ve got the posters and stickers all over the base, in the chow hall, etc. Not the greatest quality picture, but wanted to show you they were going to good use.

Good luck to Captain Pearsall and his team, and we hope he’s back home—and back on the water—soon!

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