Orvis to Host 2012 Fly-Fishing Film Tour

F3T in Manchester

Come to see great fly-fishing films on June 2 and perhaps win a Helios!

image via flyfilmtour.com

Here’s one for the locals: The 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to the Arkell Pavilion at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vermont on June 2. For those two or three of you who haven’t heard of the tour, here’s what you can expect:

This year’s spectacle promises a greater sense of adventure and diversity of content than any prior tour or other touring show. “We’ve got incredible footage from our favorite backyard locales like Montana, Florida, Idaho, and the Gulf, and we’ve got some amazing segments from destinations like the Bahamas, Belize, Alaska, New Zealand, and Canada”, says F3T Filmmaker and Road Manager Thad Robison. “But on top of that is the unique stories that are told along the way. We’ve got a punk rock band fishing in Wisconsin, a surgeon with Parkinson’s getting after it at Hemingway’s favorite old spots, a touching father-son story from Scotland, even this amazingly shot piece about nothing but insects. We believe adventure is what you make it, and regardless of where you are, it’s all about doing what you love.”

But wait; there’s more! Before the show and during intermission, there will be a beer tent and some other booths for people to browse and cast fly rods. Anyone who tries out a rod will be entered to win a free Helios fly rod at intermission. (Lots of other stuff will be given away at intermission, as well.) Plus, ticket-holders will receive a coupon at the show for $25 off any purchase of $50 or more at the Orvis store. Finally, and most importantly, all tickets sales go to benefit the AKP Foundation, a local cancer nonprofit that works to “fight cancer with adventure.”

Tickets are available online at the Fly Fishing Film Tour site for $15 or at the Orvis store in Manchester for $12. If you live within striking distance of southwestern Vermont, you won’t want to miss this great event and support a local charity.

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