Phil’s Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 02.16.12


Don’t mind that banner up there; Tom’s too busy with his super-secret new project to make a quiz this week. (You’ll hear a lot more about that next week.) Plus, I don’t want him to get all the angry e-mails sure to come, because this here quiz I made is tough.

Here’s what you’re in for: you need to identify the locations of 25 famous fly-fishing spots in the Western Hemisphere. Some are river names, some are place names, and some are nicknames. Anyone who can get a 100 on this quiz is a fly-fishing-travel Jedi master.

(No Googling!)Post your score in the comments below to become eligible for our giveaway: One lucky commenter, chosen at random, will win a copy of the Orvis App for iPhone or Android, a great resource featuring everything from fishing reports to knot-tying animations to fly patterns.

The winner of the random drawing for the January 19 quiz was commenter “Aaron,” who scored an 80%, thus breaking our string of same-score winners

Good luck!

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